At Temporary Noise Solutions, our products effectively reduce noise in a wide range of applications. With some of the best products in the market, our noise curtains and quilts are versatile and easy to use. Available for hire or sale.

Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic Curtains are versatile and commonly applied as soundproof enclosures or soundproof barriers to industrial machines and equipment. They are adept in reducing noise in the construction industry.

Acoustic Quilts

Acoustic Quilts are extremely adaptable ideal for construction companies and contractors as a means of soundproofing and sound absorption in construction sites, and functions as an alternative to Acoustic Curtains.

Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic Barriers are handy and have a wide application in the construction industry and commonly used on construction sites as a sound barrier, sound curtain divider, mobile sound barrier screen and used as an acoustic barrier partition.

Acoustic Tent

Acoustic Tents are ideal for highly populated places such as CBD areas, occupied buildings, and hospital renovations. Perfect for concrete sawing, tile cutting, jackhammering and all construction noise.