Our Services

At Temporary Noise Control, we design and manufacture a range of state- of the art noise reducing products. They are tested and certified for their acoustic properties and can be deployed quickly and easily saving you time and money. Some of the products which we have are

Acoustic Curtains

Temporary Noise Control’s sound absorbing Acoustic Curtains are perfectly designed to block out unwanted construction noise for both external and internal receivers and control the spread of fumes and dust. Our Acoustic Curtains are used in major construction work or when stringent EPA noise level limits need to be met. With a combination of materials that absorb noise and materials that act as a sound barrier, our Acoustic Curtains achieve a superb level of soundproofing. They are also easy to install, store and transport from site to site

Acoustic Mats

Acoustic Quilts from Temporary Noise Control are a portable and lightweight noise barrier made of high-quality materials, ideal as a temporary measure for noise reduction and soundproofing and help contractors work for extended periods of time during the day and night.

Acoustic Quilts are lighter in weight than Acoustic Curtains making them quicker to install and move around fast-paced sites- the perfect temporary noise control solution for less serious mitigation requirements.

Acoustic Tents

The Acoustic Tent from Temporary Noise Control is extremely sturdy and portable. Its cutting-edge technology and design are that it is weatherproof, erects in minutes, works in all conditions and is an effective solution to curb excessive noise at the source. The acoustic tent is designed to be erected in minutes allowing it to be easily repositioned or transported from site to site.

Noise Walls

Acoustic Barriers from Temporary Noise Control have been specially developed with the best material in the market to block noise. Our Acoustic Barriers isolate noisy equipment or operations and minimise the effects of noise pollution. Like all our other products, our Acoustic Barriers are made of lightweight and quality material and are easy to install.