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About Temporary Noise Control

Temporary Noise Control has over 13 years of experience in making worksites comply to Environmental Protection and Health & Safety noise regulation. At TNC we get construction, we understand the pressure of deadlines and conformance on major infrastructure projects right through to noise control needs in an occupied hospital or school, which is why we respond fast and carry noise barrier stock in strategic locations Australia wide ready to deploy when you need it.

Rapid Response

Quotes in moments and stock where and when it is needed. You can also try our rapid quote form.


Temporary noise control solutions products are made in Australia to your unique project, fast and accurate.

Acoustic Value

Striving day and night to manufacture the best Australian product. Backed by NATA lab testing, certified acoustic engineers, and continuous RND.

Flexible Options

Noise control barriers are our game and we can offer outright purchase, hire and attractive “buy back” options  – ask us how we can tailor make your solution to suit your exact needs.

Water Proof

Temporary Noise Control curtains are waterproof and made in Australia to our own unique Aussie UV requirements


All TNC solutions are fire rated that just goes to show how much we care about your solutions.

Who we are

Temporary Noise Control comes from a background of Certified Acoustic Gurus and Construction orientated minds. We think fast, act fast and can get your site noise complaint when it needs to be. One of the major advantages for our clients is our Senior Acoustic Engineers. This allows our clients to have peace of mind that what we are suggesting will work when it comes to EPA noise issues.

It’s a very simple process to get started and any one of our state reps can help. It is just a matter of contacting us to arrange an onsite noise survey and experience how we can save you money and still provide full noise reduction by using correct acoustic methodology.

We take pride in making sure you are getting the full benefit of your construction site noise mitigation investment.

  1. Mission Statement If you are not into acoustics, and most construction ID’s aren’t then it can be a bit of a black art (smoke and mirror) TNC’s Mission is to assist our clients by helping them understand noise better and the best ways to treat it.
  2. Vision Statement TNC Vision is to have a world where construction noise is not a concern.
  3. Core Values Honesty – Speed – Flexibility – Client Success The 4 core values that drives our team.

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